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Sydney Distance Education High School believes that student voice is important, and we value student perspective. The student podcast is an excellent platform to showcase this. The student podcast will allow for strong connections between student communities across Sydney.

We will be releasing a student created podcast once a term with the aim of increasing to twice a term in the future. Students select a topic to discuss that they feel is relevant to young people today. This could include study tips, self-care, diversity and more! The hosts share their ideas, experiences and perspectives. It's an engaging conversation that provides a fresh perspective on each topic.

We encourage you to listen to the podcast and enjoy the students' insights.

Turn on closed captions (CC) if you would like to read the transcript as you listen.


Episode Information

The podcast, hosted by Milo, Robin and Casper covers the themes of Youth Week 2023: 'Connect, Participate and Celebrate.' 

The hosts touch on:

  • What role do you think technology and social media play in the lives of young people and how can we use them in positive ways?

  • How can young people have their voices heard at school?

  • How can young people make a difference in their communities and contribute to positive change.

  • What are your hopes for young people in the future?

  • How can young people support their well being?


The podcast, hosted by Jay, Robin and Casper covers the topic of ‘Study tips for a neurodivergent student’.

The hosts touch on:

  • What does neurodivergent mean?
  • How does being neurodivergent impact your ability to study?
  • What role does your study space place in learning success?
  • What are some psychological tips that improve your study?
  • What practical study tips work for our podcast hosts