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SDEHS operations during COVID-19

SDEHS is committed to continue supporting all students in their learning during this challenging time. In line with COVID-19 advice we have made some important changes that you need to be aware of.


Visits and excursions

Learning Hubs, excursions, study days and visits from teachers have been suspended. These will be replaced with virtual experiences wherever possible.

Adobe Connect lessons will go ahead as normal.

Contacting your teacher

Many teachers are now working from home at least some days each week to enable appropriate social distancing in the workplace. Most will not be contactable by phone.

·         Teachers will still call you for phone lessons and roll call.

·         Send an email or elearning message if you want to get in touch with your teacher.

·         A list of all staff email addresses has been emailed to every supervisor.

Wellbeing, executive, technology support

Wellbeing team members, school executive, administration and technology support staff can still be contacted by phone. A complete list of these staff members has been emailed to every supervisor.

If you didn’t receive the contact lists or would like them resent please email the school on

There are bound to be some bumps along the way, but we will do our very best to support our students and supervisors in the best ways we can and we look forward to working with you so that our students continue to be engaged in learning in a flexible and supportive environment.


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