Sydney Distance Education High School

Quality individualised education

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School Profile

Sydney Distance Education High School is a public school committed to excellence and equity in distance education. We provide flexible blended learning programs, serving students from areas north of Wollongong, south of Newcastle, and west to the Blue Mountains. Close to the central business district of Sydney, we work on the land of the Traditional Custodians, the Gadigal People of Eora Country.

Students who meet specific enrolment requirements attend our school because they are not able to attend another school on a fulltime basis. We teach courses for fulltime and part program students who include students with medical conditions and those with additional support needs. We also teach students studying single courses which they are not able to access at their home schools. We offer a range of courses in Years 7 – 10 with our middle school program providing further courses for students who need additional literacy and numeracy support. We teach around 40 courses for Years 11-12.

During 2021, our maximum enrolments were 1526 students with a fulltime equivalent student number of 773. We are entitled to over 157 teachers with over 23 support staff and now employ more than 200 fulltime and part time staff.

We provide flexible blended learning opportunities for quality individualised education. Students may learn in many ways: through online lessons, written materials, web lessons, email and phone. We also engage students through videoconferencing, student online forums, study days, open days, excursions, peer support activities and teacher visits to schools and homes. Almost all of our Years 7-10 courses are online. We have a number of learning hubs, including on the Central Coast, the Blue Mountains and around Sydney, where students may work with teachers and other students.

Engagement with creative, challenging and blended learning opportunities is supplemented by inclusive student wellbeing programs and the school’s partnerships with communities, families and other schools. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their learning and sense of connection to their peers, their teachers and their school. Our high expectations are supported by a caring and nurturing environment with strong commitments to sustainability and social justice.

Distance education helps build independence and self discipline. We are proud of our students who have been placed into the top 10 in the state in Higher School Certificate courses and whose work has been selected for a range of prestigious exhibitions and performances. We are equally proud of all students whose courage and commitment is reflected in their determination to do their best.

Our website is for communication, collaboration and the celebration of student achievement. We inspire students to learn and to live their dreams.