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Online learning

At Sydney Distance Education High School we use a range of platforms and modes to deliver learning content to meet student needs. 


Courses at Sydney Distance Education High School will require access to online learning through the school elearning site. 

Visit the elearning site.

Students will need to have internet access and an up-to-date web browser installed on their computer to access all features of the elearning site. 

When a student enrols at SDEHS, the supervisor is sent an email outlining how to access and log on to the elearning site. If, as a student or supervisor, you are having problems logging in or accessing any part of the elearning site it is important to contact your teacher who will attempt to resolve those problems.


Email is an important mode of communication at Sydney Distance Education High School. Students can access their email account from the student portal.

Web Lessons

Web lessons allow students and teachers to meet in a virtual classroom. 

At Sydney Distance Education High School we use Microsoft Teams to deliver both scheduled class group lessons and individual web lessons. Follow the MS Teams instructions for students (PDF 755KB) to set it up on your device or watch the videos below.

Look for an elearning notification or an email for details regarding when the web lesson time/date and how to join each lesson. Web lessons are also published on the students elearning calendar.

Below are the web lesson timetables for 2023. Use the links at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate to your year level. This timetable will be updated at the end of each term. These web lessons only occur during the school term and not in the school holidays.

Confused about what week (Week A or B) it is? Download the 2023 school planner.

Contact your teacher if you have any questions.

You can download each year’s timetable, edit your own version, add your own entries and print if needed. You can use this timetable to help with your weekly study plan.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12