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Learning Hubs

The Learning Hubs are learning centres staffed by SDEHS teachers. SDEHS Home students are encouraged to attend their local Learning Hub regularly to get assistance with their school work. Students may also be invited to attend faculty study days at the Learning Hubs and have access to Wellbeing, Transition, Learning Support, and Careers teachers when requested.

Attendance at the Learning Hubs is flexible. Some students attend for the whole day, while others may attend for a few hours. Some students may be unable to attend a Hub for a number of reasons including capacity to attend and individual risk assessments. These students may still access all components of wellbeing, Transition, Learning Support and access to teachers remotely.

Where possible, SDEHS students are expected to visit their local Learning Hub within three weeks of your first enrolment. The purpose of this initial visit is to familiarise yourself with your Learning Hub and to support your transition to distance education. Supervisors are also encouraged to attend. Bring your own device with you when you visit.

Please contact your Year Adviser to organise a date and time for your first Learning Hub visit.

If you have any questions about attending your local Learning Hub please contact our Learning Hub Coordinator. You can click the links on the left hand navigation for more information and phone numbers for your local Learning Hub.

Learning Hub Handbook for Students and Supervisors can be found on our Policies and procedures page.

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