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Years 10-12

The Assessment Booklet provides an overview of the assessment program for each course at Sydney Distance Education High School, including policies and procedures that the school follows to ensure the assessment program is administered in accordance with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements.

You should also read the additional assessment information that will come to you from your teachers about the particular courses you are studying. 

Year 12 Assessment Booklet (2020) PDF 1.6MB

Year 11 Assessment Booklet (2020) PDF 1.3MB

Year 10 Assessment Booklet (2020) PDF 1MB


Year 10 Assessment 2020

Information for students and supervisors

In line with NESA advice that assessment processes be streamlined in 2020, the Year 10 assessment program has been modified:

  • Hard copy notifications of assessment tasks will no longer be issued
  • Your course outline shows all tasks to be completed, so check it regularly and submit your work weekly
  • Keep in contact with your teachers, and follow their instructions about completion of work.


Year 11 and Year 12


NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) - Guide for students Years 10-12