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Principal's welcome

We started 2019 celebrating student achievements. Our HSC results continue a tradition of academic excellence in distance education, including outstanding individual successes. I would particularly like to congratulate our HSC academic highest achievers. Over the past few years our HSC students have gained 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places in NSW with others achieving more than they ever imagined.

We also celebrate the success of all our students who we encourage and inspire to achieve their very best.

As we focus on quality individualised education for each of our students, we provide so many opportunities for flexible blended learning that is both creative and challenging.

So, how good is our school?

In the most recent state wide tell them from me surveys in which we participated, we added a few questions of our own. I wanted to know how good students, parents and teachers thought this school was.

In this school, we gather so much data to identify what we do well and to help us develop the wisdom to do even better. Sometimes, however, just a simple question can really nail it and get to the essence of what is most important.

We asked, how good is this school? For students and teachers – for you. For parents – for your child.

It's a great question because it allows the space for each individual to bring their own experience and understanding to an answer.

The possible answers were Excellent, Very good, Good, OK and No good. Here are the results.

Student responses

Excellent, Very good, Good – 89%. Add in OK – 97%

Parent responses

Excellent, Very good, Good – 94%. Add in OK – 98.3%

Teacher responses

Excellent, Very good, Good – 95.4%. Add in OK – 100%

The numbers speak for themselves!