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HSC minimum standard

As part of the stronger HSC standards reforms announced in 2017, students in NSW must now reach a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy in order to receive the High School Certificate. Students must meet the standard by sitting the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) online literacy and numeracy tests. Students can start attempting to meet these standards in Year 10. Students who need to re-sit any of these tests will be given up to four opportunities per year.

Who needs to meet the HSC Minimum Standard?

 If your intention is to complete the HSC in 2023 the testing needs to be completed by 30th of November 2023 to be eligible to receive your Higher School Certificate credential.

What the online tests involve

  • Reading test - 45 multiple choice questions (maximum of 45 minutes)
  • Numeracy test - 45 multiple choice questions (maximum of 45 minutes)
  • Writing test - one question based on a visual or text prompt – maximum 500 words

The reading and numeracy tests use a computer adaptive test (CAT) model, so each test is tailored to the individual student’s responses to previous questions. The questions presented to a student closely match their ability, so no two students will receive exactly the same test.

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